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Ahja Fox can be found around Colorado (mainly Aurora/Denver) reading at various events and open mics or co-hosting Art of Storytelling, a reading series which you can find information about here or here. She publishes in online and print journals and is currently shopping around a fully drafted manuscript while working on a second about the death industry. She has graduated from University of Colorado Denver with a B.A in English/ Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology and is now a stay at home mom and writer. Her other literary-related duties include (or have included in the past) being a managing editor for Homology Lit, an assistant poetry editor for Copper Nickel, an editor, head professor, and academic director for Poetix University (via Instagram) and more.

Ahja’s poems and prose are manifested through extreme recurrence of body-centric imagery and paronomasia which reflect her tag ‘Suicide by writing’. It’s her way of saying that the death and autopsy of themes/concepts is the key to understanding the truth about them. 

Follow and contact her on Instagram or Twitter @aefoxx.


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